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SSC Inbound Operations Lead

BEREICH Requirement Engineer


Our Client is the world’s leader in high technology, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. The company provides sustainable solutions, integrating energy-efficient products, building controls and energy services for residential, commercial, retail, transport and food service customers.


Vladimír Malý +420 734 551 172

Role objective:   Manage successful receipt and delivery of inbound operations into Prague SSC.

  • Manage successful receipt and delivery of inbound operations into Prague SSC:
    • Ensure SSC operations are ready to receive new work, coordinating all aspects of SSC set-up: recruitment, desk-space, IT, etc.
    • Lead inbound operations through hypercare, acting as escalation point up until operations have stabilized and migrated into steady state tower teams
    • Upon stabilization, support process leads to perform migration of activities into existing SSC tower operations.
  • Main point of contact and coordinator for inbound operations between Transition Team Lead (“outbound”) and SSC operations (SSC: Leadership, HR, Recruitment, IT, Service management & Admin functions)
The Inbound Operations Lead will be responsible for a combination of the below responsibilities:
 Planning Phase
  • Operations Support
    • Manage SSC (Prague) facility and spacing set-up throughout the different phases of the transition.
    • Work with Facilities team in order to manage SSC floor-plan, set-up space for new hires, including desks, desktop phones, voicemails, mailbox, building badges, parking, etc.
    • Work with IT team in order to ensure IT hardware/software readiness for new hires, including laptops, headsets, access to intranet, application user access, UTC email, relevant SharePoint sites, printers, etc.
Execution Phase
  • Transition Support
    • Act as main point of contact and coordinator between Transition Team Lead (“outbound”) and SSC Operations Team, including SSC Leadership, HR, Recruitment, IT, Service management and admin.
    • Understand recruitment requirements for each new Entity and communicate to SSC Operations on a regular basis.
    • Work closely with Transition Team Lead (“outbound”) in order to ensure alignment on recruitment requirements, workload, timing and logistics for KT.
    • Review employee competencies and assess new team members ability to perform SSC trainer role.
    • Provide input into “go/no-go” and readiness checklists and stage gates.
    • Own resource schedules during the transitions phase, from onboarding of employees in SSC, through KT, and hypercare.
    • Oversee the day-to-day activities of the new Entity “inbound” teams, managing the nominated SSC points of contact for each Entity and their teams (c. 20-60 headcount dependent on timings/ waves).
    • Leverage available resources (during onboarding/KT gap) to support performance improvement, training development or other relevant activities in order to ensure productivity and engagement of available resources.
    • Track SSC moving roles and ensure backfilling of those roles (e.g., resigned employee, employee acting as Trainer, employee on prolonged leave/absence, employee moving sub-process / Tower areas, etc.)
    • Act as Change Ambassador within the SSC and participate in change network meetings in order to receive guidance on communications and report feedback to the change management team on SSC stakeholder engagement.
  • Post-transition / Hypercare Support
    • Act as main point of contact for escalated issues from transitioned (“inbound”) teams.
    • Coordinate the tracking and resolution of those escalated issues with various stakeholders (e.g., Transition Team, IT, Facilities, Process Leads, HR, etc.)
    • Work closely with Service Management Lead in order to escalate and resolve customer issues.
    • Work closely with Process and Controls teams to report and mitigate any controls issues and deficiencies during the transition and month-end close.
    • Provide input into Hypercare reporting and performance dashboards and ensure the transitioned (“inbound”) team is performing at expected levels to support the business.
    • Work with Change Management team and provide input into transition effectiveness assessment and lessons learned.
  • Org. Realignment Support
    • Upon stabilization of the transition, support Process Leads to update reporting lines in order to align team members with Finance Towers and sub-processes (e.g., “organization flip”).
    • Clarify and outline roles, work scope and activities performed by transitioned (“inbound”) SSC employees as an input to SSC org. realignment (i.e., “organization flip”).
    • Coordinate with IT and Facilities any floor-plan / technology changes required due to the org. flip.
Required knowledge & skills:
Skills Required Preferred
SSC exposure X  
System exposure JDE   X
System exposure SAP   X
Team Management X  
Excel skills Basic  
Language needed English
Additional languages beneficial
Communication skills Independent
(written & oral)
Educational and certification requirements:
  • University Bachelor degree and/or quality qualification preferred
Required experience:
Knowledge/Experience Years Headcount
Experience in Tower 5+  
Experience in Finance 5+  
Experience in people/ team management 4+  
Experience in project/ transition 2+  
Personal attributes:
Essential Characteristics
 (1 = high)
Desirable Characteristics
Adaptability E2  
Analytical Thinking   D2
Communication Skills E1  
Customer Focus   D1
Focus On Results E2  
Leadership E1  
Teamwork E2  

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